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Illinois 60 Hour Bunn Special
product number PW1644

This Illinois 16 size open face Pocket Watch is simply spectacular. The 21 jewel movement is unsurpassed for this era and the "Bunn Special" iterations are some of the most desirable Railroad watches ever made! The case is yellow gold filled and is what is called a "Railroad" case with a non-pull out, bar over crown bow. These cases were designed to have a screw back & screw bezel thereby preventing dust and debris from entering the movement. The user would simply unscrew the front bezel to access the lever for setting, and, if he wanted to see the movement he would unscrew the back of the case. When you take a look at the"Zoom-In" photos of the movement you can see that it is as clean as the proverbial whistle. Our master watchmakers have it timed to within an inch of its life and it is performing like new. Make sure you notice the interesting damaskeening pattern on the plates. Pride of workmanship is everywhere on this watch. The double sunk, porcelain dial is spectacular displaying red dot 5 minute indicators.

The Illinois Watch Company had its beginnings in several other incarnations starting in December of 1870 at Springfield, Illinois. Thetwo founders were John Whitfield Bunn and John C. Adams. They started the Springfield Watch Company by attracting several other investors until they had amassed the princely sum of $100,000.00 which in those days was no small task. William B. Miller was to be their first secretary as they started production and a journey over what was to be a bumpy financial road. By 1877, after some difficulty, the company was reorganized and renamed the Illinois Springfield Watch Company and Erastus Newton Bates was choosen to lead them out of the financial difficulties they had encountered, but by July of 1878 they were once again faced with a re-organization and the named changed once again to the Illinois Watch Company, the final iteration that we know today. The chief executive was Jacob Bunn Sr. (1814-1897) and he was an all round entrepreneur with his fingers in finance, newspapers, land development, coal, banking, railroads, wholesale groceries, politics and even the manufacture of rope. The Bunn brothers, John & Jacob, were close friends with Abraham Lincoln and whose political career was financed and managed by them. The growth of the enterprise grew steadily from this point on under the management of the Bunn brothers. The fortunes of the company were starting to rise and by 1880 they had over 400 employees up from 260 in 1879, and ultimately 1200 at their apex. Production was up as well from 33,285 in 1879 to 47,065 by 1880. Just ten years later they could boast offices in New York, San Francisco, and Chicago. With the advent of the Railroad Commission, in 1893, Illinois became one of the leading forces behind the design and manufacture of the highly accurate railroad timepieces that became world standards for accuracy and reliability. If you are longing for a very accurate, high-grade, railroad watch then this may be the one for you. It is fully restored and warrantied for a year for parts and labor so that you may buy with confidence.



Price $1,750.00 Order or Inquire


SKU: PW1644

Gallet Military Chronograph
product number W2839

Its not often that we have one of these phenomenal chronos in stock....they are extremely scarce and highly sought after!

This Gallet Chronograph is a watch that will knock you out! You may have seen similar watches on the internet but you have not seen anything of comparable quality! This watch comes from the prestigious firm of Gallet, makers of complicated Swiss watches, and the world's oldest watch company. The founder, Humbertus Gallet, who resided in Geneva was making timepieces in 1466. In 1864 Gallet opened the first outlet here in Chicago, and by 1885, Gallet became the first purveyor of wristwatches made exclusively for mass consumption. By 1914 Gallet had won the Grand Prize in the Chronometer category at the Swiss National Exhibit in Berne, and by 1915 Gallet was supplying hand held and cockpit mounted timepieces to the United Kingdom during WWI. This watch is one of their fabulous pocket chronometers that has been customized for wrist use, but it has been done with the skill and finesse that you rarely see in these watches! This is one BIG puppy measuring in at 47mm in diameter by 56mm lug to lug. Definitely a watch for the larger men out there or if you simply prefer a larger watch. The case work is outstanding and the dial is impeccable, but the best part is inside! The 17 jewel Gallet movement looks and functions just like new. There are no signs of wear or rust that you commonly see in conversions coming out of eastern Europe! This watch was custom made by our Master Watchmaker friend in Canada! We snatched it up before a collector got it so you would have a shot at it. He has only made 12 of these and they are extremely scarce! Make sure you take a look at the "Zoom-In" photos to see the excellent condition and complication of this outstanding timepiece. Just look at this dial...it is simply fantastic, nice and mellow, with curb appeal to-die-for! The outer ring shows a telemetre scale in kilometers, the inner ring displays the seconds, while the red numbers inside of the chapters show the 24 hundred hour markers for military time. At the three o'clock position there is a 30 minute accumulated minutes recorder while the constant seconds is at the nine o'clock position. The luminous material in the hands and skeletonized numerals have a wonderfully mellow color that indicates its WWI vintage, circa 1916. The crown is a modified onion shape that has a central pusher that is concentric with the crown for actuating the chronograph functions. Now take a gander at the case back...it is in fantastic condition for a military watch. The crowning glory is the movement. It is as clean as a whistle and functioning perfectly. Need I say more. Once you see this large, masculine, complicated timepiece you will want to strap it on and show all your friends. Remember all of our timepieces come with our famous one year warranty for parts and labor so that you may buy with confidence.


Price $4,250.00 Order or Inquire


SKU: W2839

Illinois Sterling Silver and Rose Gold Two Tone
product number PW1611

This watch has a sterling silver case that has been relieved with rose gold! On the reverse there is the depiction of a hunter in full gallop on his horse. This wonderful Illinois open face is a 16 size displaying a gorgeous 17 jewel movement that is a real "workhorse!" Nudge, nudge, wink, wink! Made circa 1910 this model # 10 is in excellent condition, running, winding, and keeping time just like it should. The double-sunk porcelain dial is a classic that shows red five minute delineations for ease of reading quickly. The large seconds bit and stylized hands just add to the beauty of this great looking gentleman's pocket watch, but I think what makes it unusual is the contrast between the rose gold and the sterling silver case.  The engraving and chasing is so skillfully accomplished that the overall effect is stunning. You probably know that the Illinois watch company, which started its manufacture in 1869, was a giant of excellence in the industry, but you may not be aware that they made these wonderfully artistic pieces as well.  It is a great piece...don't miss it. You may buy with the confidence that comes with knowing we have fully restored this watch and stand behind its operation with a one year warranty for parts and labor.


Price $1,295.00 Order or Inquire


SKU: PW1611

Swiss 18k Open Face
product number PW1685

This is a finely made Swiss 16 jewel open face pocket watch that was surely carried by a fine gentleman back in the day! It has a lever escapement and is pendant set. The watch is a Swiss size - 16.5 lignes , comparable to an American 12 size. As there is no name on the dial or the movement we would call this an ebauche - probably made for export to a small family jewelry shop in England or America! If you wanted your own brand of watch to retail you could contract with one of the major Swiss manufacturers to produce a minimum number that would allow you to market a brand with your name on the dial or you could choose to have no name on it...which is the case here. You, as a retailer, could be assured of quality engineering, a constant parts supply, and a watch that you could be proud to sell. This Swiss watch has a metal dial with a wonderful patina on it! It has aged perfectly over the years to that great vintage appearance that only time can create. The 18k solid gold case is plain polished and in mint condition. Overall a simply elegant timepiece which can be yours for generations to come. Remember all of our timepieces come with our famous one year warranty for parts and labor so that you may buy with confidence.


Price $2,650.00 Order or Inquire


SKU: PW1685

Ophelia 14k Multi Color Gold
product number PW1688

This is a lovely little Swiss Ladies watch in a 12 lignes solid gold multi-color case - comparable to an American 3/0 size, the perfect size for wearing as a pendant.
The movement has 7 jewels and is in excellent running condition. The 14k solid gold case is a triumph of gold work that has been executed in three colors of engraved gold. All the engraving is crisp and quite attractive! The fancy dial is porcelain with a fantastic multi-color design that has some very tiny hair line cracks that are invisible to the naked eye. The Gold Louis XIV hands just add to the elegance of the watch. Any lady would be proud to step out with this beauty hanging from a slide chain around her neck. Remember all of our timepieces come with our famous one year warranty for parts and labor so that you may buy with confidence.


Price $2,400.00 Order or Inquire


SKU: PW1688



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