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Gallet Swiss Minute Repeater
product number PW1704

This watch comes from the prestigious firm of Gallet, makers of complicated Swiss watches, and the world's oldest watch company. The founder, Humbertus Gallet, who resided in Geneva was making timepieces in 1466. In 1864 Gallet opened the first outlet here in Chicago and by 1885 Gallet became the first purveyor of wristwatches made exclusively for mass consumption. By 1914 Gallet won the Grand Prize in the Chronometer category at the Swiss National Exhibit in Berne. In 1915 Gallet was supplying hand held and cockpit mounted timepieces to the United Kingdom during WWI.

This particular Gallet Pocket Watch is the pinnacle of the watchmaker's art...it is a minute repeater. Minute repeaters are, in and of themselves, one of the most complicated watches manufactured, and when one is as nice as this one, really rare. When the repeater slide is activated, along the case side, the watch will chime revealing the hour, the quarter hour, and finally the exact minute! The owner could then know the time to the precise minute without removing it from his vest pocket. TheĀ  double-sunk porcelain dial is in excellent condition and displays a red 5 minute track and bold Arabic numerals Everything about this watch has been fashioned to very exacting standards.This is a great combo; a repeater in a gun-metal case! You get the best movement in an affordable case without having to pay for the gold content you find in most repeaters. Gallet wanted to appeal to the practical man who appreciated the simplicity of a sturdy gun-metal case, but wanted a technically complex watch. Actually the blued steel is very attractive and can stand the daily in and out of the pocket wear with ease. Gallet also employed a very clever lever that activates the repeating function, located between the 7:30 and 8:30 position on the case band. It recesses into the case body and is completely unobtrusive. As a matter of fact you cannot see it in the photos unless you know exactly where to look. The fifteen jewel movement is a thing of beauty and is running, keeping time, and repeating just like it did back in 1910 when it was new. It is a triple signed, nineteen lignes (approximately a 16 size) Gallet marked case, with rose gold hinges, bow, and crown, that houses a two finger bridge movement that is marked for two adjustments. If you have always hankered for a really nice repeater at half the price of one in a gold case then this may be the complicated watch to complete your collection. Don't miss it...it is the only one we have ever had in a gun-metal case.


Price $4,450.00 Order or Inquire


SKU: PW1704

Gruen Curvex General
product number W2770

This Gruen is one of the most desirable "Curvexes" ever made. It is the Granddaddy of all Curvexes! It came in two similar models called the "Majesty" and "The General" they are respectively 52mm, 50mm, and 48mm (by 22mm wide), the longest "Curvexes" in Gruen's history. Some call them the "Bone to Bone" watches as they stretch from one wrist bone to the other. This watch,"The General", at 48mm, was very popular with movie stars of the 1930's, notably Humphrey Bogart and is dramatic in it's high arching curve and graceful, bowed, tonneau case. This particular watch has all of the dramatic curve of the "Majesty" (although 4mm shorter) but additionally it has tonneau (curved) case sides that make it look even more striking. The dial is like the face of a pretty woman, a delight to behold. The dial is dramatic displaying gold numerals contrasted by a silver colored background and shows a seconds bit that echoes the case shape. The yellow gold-filled case is in excellent condition and has no personalization to detract. The hands are "lunette" style and add a bit of panache to the entire piece. The spotless movement displays seventeen jewels and is in excellent running condition for a watch made circa 1939. It is winding, setting, and keeping time just as it should. Like all of our watches it comes with a full one year warranty. The last one we had sold very quickly so...if you want the pinnacle of Gruen's Curvex watch production don't hesitate, as we have only one. "Here's lookin at you kid."


Price $3,995.00 Order or Inquire


SKU: W2770

Gruen Curvex Black Dial
product number W2671

This is a beautiful gentleman's Gruen "Curvex" that was all the rage in the 1940's. As a matter of fact if you get to see Casablanca on the "big" screen you can see a Gruen "Curvex" on Bogart's wrist when they zoom-in for a close-up. In the mid 1940's the now famous Gruen "Curvex" got slightly wider than the ones they produced in the late 1930's. At that time they started using faceted crystals and faceted cases. This became the "cat's meow". The white gold-filled case, which is in great condition, measures 42mm lug to lug by 22mm in width. These "Curvex's were highly curved and the case sides and the area between the lugs was angled to give the watch an interesting geometric look. Gruen held the patent on the curved movement so other watch companies could only imitate the curve of the case while using a flat movement. This limited the other brand's curvature, but not Gruen's. They could make the case the shape of your wrist, due to their patented curved movement. It also made for better use of the case space and allowed for a more robust movement. It's hard to see in the photo but if you look carefully you can see that the crystal has four facets with lines that run North and South, East and West. The black dial is augmented by the light passing through this faceted crystal and lends a gemstone quality to the piece. The black dial is also quite interesting. It has markers only at the even numbers and white gold dots at the odd numbers. There is a stylized seconds bit just above the six. The seventeen jewel movement is as clean as whistle and performing like the day it came from Switzerland. Good "Curvexes" are getting harder and harder to find and we sell everyone we get. This is an exceptionally nice example don't miss it! Like all of our timepieces it comes with our famous one year parts and labor warranty so that you may buy with confidence.


Price $2,450.00 Order or Inquire


SKU: W2671

Gruen Carre
product number PW1692

Raise your sites because this Art Deco Gruen Carre Watch is the most spectacular Deco piece we have had in quite a while. It came from a private estate and the owner was a friend of ours. This is not a traditional watch but a watch that could be carried by a man or a woman. Our friend carried it as a gentleman's pocket watch and it looked fantastic when he would take it out to see the time. The protective cover stays in a square shape until the owner pushes the case button and opens the case to reveal the inner beauty of this fabulous timepiece. It then morphs into a "W" shape and reveals the dial of the watch. Gruen hailed it as "New!-Even to those who "have everything" ". The case is chrome and enamel which measures 34mm by 34mm square when closed. If you look carefully at the "Zoom-In" photos you can see the black nylon cord he used as the watch chain. Make sure you also take a gander at the wonderful Art Deco design on the case back...just great! Now add to all this fantastic design the fact that Gruen made this killer timepiece. They were a fantastic watch company who was at the top of their game during the Deco Era and everything they turned their hand to had quality written all over it.... this watch is no exception. The movement is a seventeen jewel precision movement that winds, sets, and keeps time just as it did in the 1930's. Now take a look at this very special dial it is segmented into quarters with a two-tone effect, alternating dark to light and this quartering design is repeated on the back of the case. The hands are skelotonized and contain lume that has aged to a perfect mellow patina. This is the only one of these we have ever seen after being in the business for over 34 years. Don't miss it, and remember all of our timepieces come with our famous one year warranty for parts and labor so that you may buy with confidence.


Price $2,475.00 Order or Inquire


SKU: PW1692

Elgin 14k Diamond & Enamel Art Nouveau Pin Watch
product number PW1690

This watch is 14k solid gold with diamonds and enamel and is a rare size to boot! The turn of the last century (1900) was a Golden Age for pocket watch companies and a time when Elgin was at their best. This ladies' pocket watch was made in 1910 by Elgin, the largest manufacturer of watches in the world, located in Elgin Illinois. This piece is a 4/0 size with a solid 14k gold case that measures 26mm in diameter by 37mm from the bottom of the watch to the top of the bow. It is an extremely hard to find smaller size that was very much sought after for its elegance and easy-to-wear size. Not only is this a rare size, but it is an Art Nouveau piece as well, employing multicolor enamel, and diamonds to make as elegant a ladies pendant watch as one could want. The case back, which is designed to be worn facing outward and easily displayed because of a swiveling bow that gives the owner an easy way to orient the face or back, has a great design that stands proud of the case surface in wonderful relief. Make sure you look at the "Zoom-In" photos to see how the intertwined Nouveau designs compliment the piece. There are nine diamonds that make up the frontispiece for an array of Lillies of the Valley. It is simply spectacular! The 14k matching pin (also a rarity) has a matching colored enamel and a centered "Jack-in-the Pulpit enamel-lined flower with a diamond center. The pin measures 22mm by 25mm.

The movement is just as nice as the case and pin. It is a seventeen jewel artfully damaskeened, three quarter plate, nickel movement with gold jewel cups...a level of quality for a movement that was usually reserved only for a gentleman's railroad pocket watch, but evident here in all its glory! This is the only one of these we have ever had after being in business for over 34 years. Don't miss it!


Price $2,995.00 Order or Inquire


SKU: PW1690



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