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LeGant Chronograph

This must have been pretty cool to wear in 1960, let alone today! This LeGant is very El....I just had to say it! LeGant was the contract name used by Montgomery Wards for their in-house brand. Many companies used their own brand names on Swiss Watches...one of the most famous is Tiffany. Once the contract was signed with a particular watch manufacturer any name could be attached to a particular watch, the contracting company thereby appearing to have their own watch brand, when in fact, they were being made by one of about 19 firms in Switzerland. This is one of those watches. The case is stainless steel and it measures 38mm in diameter by 45mm in length. The movement is a 17 jewel Swiss ebauche that looks, runs and performs like new.The dial configuration is reminiscent of Rolex's Paul Newman Daytona. If you couldn't afford a Daytona, and who can in this economy, you could assuage your desires with a very nice Swiss Stainless Steel Chronograph that would look great and perform with the best of them for a lot less dough. The black and white contrast on the dial makes the look really cool! The stainless steel case is in beautiful condition and the seventeen jewel movement has been serviced by our master watchmakers to perform all the functions of a chronograph with complete precision. This is simply a great everyday watch, in great condition, with a Swiss pedigree that will give you a lifetime of service with all the panache of watches costing far more.

SKU: W2710
Price: $1,850.00

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