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Gruen Airflight

The Gruen Air Flight has always been a desirable watch here at Father Time because it is absolutely irresistable once you see how it works.  The Gruen "Airflight" was designed for pilots that needed a 24 hour reference for flight time. When the hands reach noon all the numerals jump to a 24 hour format and jump back again to a 12 hour format at midnight. This is accomplished by a rotating ("jump hour") dial underneath the main dial. The numbers appear in diamond shaped windows on this neat, original dial, masterpiece. This is a nice "Airflight" and an oversize to boot (36MM). Seventeen jewel, stainless steel case measuring 36MM wide by 43MM long.   It is winding and setting like new and our master watchmakers have it perfectly restored. We buy every one of these that we can find in good condition because our clients just love the dial action and how nice these watches look on a man's wrist. We don't have these in stock very often so if you want one of the most interesting 12/24 jump hour watches ever made don't miss this one! Our famous one year parts and labor warranty will allow you to buy with confidence!

SKU: W2554
Price: $2,895.00

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