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Bulova Spaceview

This was the coolest watch in the early 1970's!  Not only was it the most technologically advanced watch, it was the most "modern" looking watch!  The special feature of this Accutron, circa 1968, was the lack of a conventional dial that allowed you to view the technological tuning fork marvel inside!  The markers for the hours were actually displayed on the inside of the plastic crystal.  This crystal is original as made obvious by the fact that some of the centers of the circular markers have become transparent. The case is all stainless steel with the access to set and wind on the case back.

The coils and the electronic tuning fork that were the foundation of this movement are clear for all to see and had quartz watches not been invented we would all be wearing Accutrons since they were the most accurate watches of their day!  Put it up to your ear and you can hear it humming away!  This is a real piece of watch making history since this was the first successful electronic tuning fork watch made for the general public!

This is the best Accutron you can wear if you want to show off that amazing movement. It's a real conversation starter. We have, in our library, a copy of the original booklet that Bulova gave to jewelers to educate them on the modern marvels the Accutron held. The cover of this booklet has a dark starry sky above a drawing of the Bulova plant that is reminiscent of those Space-Age movies from the late 50's. Bulova obviously was appealing to those modern techies who are the early adopters of cool new technology. Remember we warranty all of our watches for a full year so you can buy on the internet without worry.

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