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Illinois Open Face
product number PW1624

Illinois was known as the "Cadillac" of pocket watches in the 1920's! This watch is 12 size in a yellow gold-filled case that is in fantastic condition. This watch is a fine example of American watch making circa 1923. The Illinois company made exceptional timepieces and this one is representative of how nice they turned out! This watch is a 12 size, open face, 25 year yellow gold filled beauty, with a fabulous "Art "Deco" pattern on the back. The 12 size was a watch that was popular from the first World war through to WWII. Because it was slimmer and easier to carry it became very popular to own. Illinois put their heart and soul into making very accurate and elegantly engineered watches for the discerning customer. They honed their skills making railroad watches for America's "iron horses" and by proxy the average man on the street benefited. The nickel movement in this one has a very interesting damasceening pattern in that it is a series of stripes that look really cool. The movement is an adjusted, 17 jewel, three quarter plate, nickel marvel, that is running like a champ. This 17 jewel movement was superior to anything of that time. Look at the finger bridges and the gold jewel cups! Take a look at this really nice silvered dial...it is immaculate. The silver color highlights the blackened steel hands. Notice the detail of the hand shape as this indicates real attention to detail. Additionally the second hand has a round fillip at its terminal end, a feature that allows the hand to be perfectly balanced.The case middle is also special in that it has a fancy engraving that makes the watch easier to handle. This is a very nice watch. Don't let it get away.


Price $950.00 Order or Inquire


SKU: PW1624

Rolex Two Tone Oyster Perpetual
product number W2845

This is a very handsome watch. You couldn't beat this in the early 1950's! Rolex's Oyster Perpetual line is what made the company famous and one look at this watch will tell you why. This watch was made in 1952 and it could not be in better condition. It looks like it was just taken out of the showcase to show a customer. The stainless steel case has a segmented gold bezel that is still crisp and clean. The bezel compliments a creamy original finish dial with a date window at the 3 o'clock position. The stainless steel case is 36mm wide (not including the crown) and 42mm in length. It sports an original solid gold segmented bezel.This Rolex 645 movement is one of Rolex's Oyster Perpetual (automatic) movements that is a 25 jewel masterpiece. Our watchmakers have it running like new so that you can wear this watch on a daily basis with complete confidence. Remember we warranty all of our timepieces, parts and labor, for a full year. James Bond would be happy to wear this one to the casino. You might catch a glimpse of it when he raises his martini to his lips and his sleeve is retracted to reveal this killer watch!


Price $2,895.00 Order or Inquire


SKU: W2845

Vulcain Cricket
product number W2838

An alarm in your watch? Really? Yep, it was a big deal in the 1950's. Just set it and it would chirp like a cricket when it was set to go off! You may have heard of the Rolex "President" and you may be aware of how watch companies are in a constant search for celebrity endorsements to promote their products, but long before this was a fact of life Vulcain was known as the "Watch of Presidents" . Lyndon Johnson, Richard Nixon, and Harry Truman were all Vulcain owners. Vulcain had its beginnings way back in 1858 in Switzerland, but their claim to fame was born in 1947 when they developed, perfected, and brought to market their "Cricket Alarm Watch". This is one of their famous "Cricket Alarm Watches". They had succeeded by solving the problem of incorporating a striking mechanism within the small space of a wristwatch case, while still allowing it to be heard and felt on the wrist. Today every manner of electronic device can ring and alert you, but back in the day this was an absolute marvel. I remember my uncle, who was a hot shot salesman, coming home one day with a "Cricket" on his wrist and all of us kids crowded around to get a glimpse of it and to hear it go off. It was magic! Today these watches are sought after for their novelty and great engineering. This particular Vulcain Cricket" made between 1958 and 1961 is one of the nicest ones we have ever had, and all original as well. Make sure you take a look at the "Zoom-In" photos to see how nice it looks from every angle. The case measures 34mm in diameter (not including the crown), by 42mm lug to lug. You will notice that there is a long hand with an arrowhead tip at its end; this is the alarm indicator. You simply set that hand by depressing the alarm pusher at the two o'clock position and then rotating the crown until it indicates the time you wish it to sound. Once the alarm goes off you can stop the alarm by, once again, pressing the pusher and then you may re-set to a new time if you desire. The case is yellow gold-filled with a stainless steel back and the back has sound apertures so the alarm is easily heard as well as felt. The creamy silvered colored dial is an unusual one that you don't often see...unfortunately it is also quite hard to photograph...but I can assure you it is a beauty. When you can see it in-person it is stunning. This Vulcain "Cricket" is as nice as it can be and it can be yours! Our watchmakers have it perfectly restored mechanically and it comes with a one year warranty for parts and labor. This will assure you flawless performance with a watch you can own for a lifetime.


Price $1,295.00 Order or Inquire


SKU: W2838

Torvic Lighter/Watch
product number W2786

This was SUCH an avante-garde item in the 1960's that we were delighted to see someone light-up with this unusual device. It is a watch AND a lighter all in one...and what an interesting way to ignite a cig. Just squeeze it! Yep, place the ends between your thumb and forefinger....squeeze.....and a flame appears from the port in the middle of the column! Then you can tell her what time it is by glancing at the top end where a nice quality Swiss wristwatch movement resides! These were carried by both men and women and I can remember my aunt using one when I was a mere teen. It was WAY cool. We we located this particular Torvic we were thrilled...first of all to locate one, and secondly because it was in fantastic condition. Once we serviced the watch, and put flint and fluid in the lighter, it fired right-up! This is a very neat piece for either your watch or lighter collection and our one year warranty for parts and labor will allow you to buy with confidence.


Price $750.00 Order or Inquire


SKU: W2786

Gallet Swiss Minute Repeater
product number PW1704

This watch comes from the prestigious firm of Gallet, makers of complicated Swiss watches, and the world's oldest watch company. The founder, Humbertus Gallet, who resided in Geneva was making timepieces in 1466. In 1864 Gallet opened the first outlet here in Chicago and by 1885 Gallet became the first purveyor of wristwatches made exclusively for mass consumption. By 1914 Gallet won the Grand Prize in the Chronometer category at the Swiss National Exhibit in Berne. In 1915 Gallet was supplying hand held and cockpit mounted timepieces to the United Kingdom during WWI.

This particular Gallet Pocket Watch is the pinnacle of the watchmaker's art...it is a minute repeater. Minute repeaters are, in and of themselves, one of the most complicated watches manufactured, and when one is as nice as this one, really rare. When the repeater slide is activated, along the case side, the watch will chime revealing the hour, the quarter hour, and finally the exact minute! The owner could then know the time to the precise minute without removing it from his vest pocket. TheĀ  double-sunk porcelain dial is in excellent condition and displays a red 5 minute track and bold Arabic numerals Everything about this watch has been fashioned to very exacting standards.This is a great combo; a repeater in a gun-metal case! You get the best movement in an affordable case without having to pay for the gold content you find in most repeaters. Gallet wanted to appeal to the practical man who appreciated the simplicity of a sturdy gun-metal case, but wanted a technically complex watch. Actually the blued steel is very attractive and can stand the daily in and out of the pocket wear with ease. Gallet also employed a very clever lever that activates the repeating function, located between the 7:30 and 8:30 position on the case band. It recesses into the case body and is completely unobtrusive. As a matter of fact you cannot see it in the photos unless you know exactly where to look. The fifteen jewel movement is a thing of beauty and is running, keeping time, and repeating just like it did back in 1910 when it was new. It is a triple signed, nineteen lignes (approximately a 16 size) Gallet marked case, with rose gold hinges, bow, and crown, that houses a two finger bridge movement that is marked for two adjustments. If you have always hankered for a really nice repeater at half the price of one in a gold case then this may be the complicated watch to complete your collection. Don't miss it...it is the only one we have ever had in a gun-metal case.


Price $4,450.00 Order or Inquire


SKU: PW1704



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